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Our middle name is "multimedia". Integrating broadcasting, production, media services and on-location events.

In 1993 we started out as a small voiceover recording studio in Modesto, California. In 1998, we moved to Palm Springs as one of the first online radio broadcast companies. Today, we have a suite of IPTV and Radio channels streaming on a multi-rack of dedicated servers; providing niche programming to a huge audience on a variety of platforms and devices.

What makes us unique?

PNN Media Group is like no other company out there. We have the products, audience and the services all under one roof. We don't outsource or depend on any third-party. All of our divisions work together to provide our clients with convenience, low cost and results. Whether the clients be our audience or advertising customer; our name is known for award-winning quality.

Our audience.

PNN Media is known for our IPTV and Radio broadcasting. With a variety of niche channels available on mobile devices, consumer electronics, online and apps. This audience knows us as PNN ONE

Our Clients.

Since we have the audience and the expertise, it only make sense to provide a division for business customers. Our PNN Partner Program provides a simple-to-use, flat-rate marketing package that includes TV & Radio advertising, online ads, graphic work, PR services, Search Engine Optimization, marketing and more! Now clients can afford a advertising agency because we do everything under one roof.

Making the connection

Audience + Clients = SUCCESS! Bringing everything together is a win/win situation. Our audience never has to pay for any entertainment service! Our apps are free, our programming is free, no membership ever. Our business clients cover the cost because we provide them with local, regional, national and international advertising and marketing. We provide the creative, graphics, video/audio, branding, PR, design and much more! Audience loves it because it free! Clients love it because it's extemely cost efficient, convenient and the results. The client can run their business and we'll take care of the marketing.

Welcome to PNN Media Group!


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Broadcasting, media services, graphic work, PR, marketing, advertising, audio production, video production, web design, web hosting, on-location events, search engine optimization, TV production, live streaming, recording studios, editing, music production, photography. All for our clients!


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